The Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb®) allows mailers greater transparency into their mail stream! In addition to the zip code routing, the Full Service IMb® allows mailers to track their mail and receive address change information.

The mail tracking services in the Full Service IMb® allow mailers to better gauge in-home dates – which can assist you in coordinating a call center or other marketing efforts with a mailing, or tracking estimated receipt of timely correspondence or even tax bills. The tracking information available from the USPS at no charge provides you with information every time a mail piece is processed – first by CMS and last by the USPS as the mail piece is sequenced for the carrier’s route. Depending upon the size of your mailing, this could be a lot of data – but don’t worry, for a nominal charge, CMS can help you change the data into usable reports to see overall delivery days to your clients; or dig down to an individual mail piece!

Address change feedback, Full Service ACS, is also possible via the Full Service IMb®. ACS Service is one of several methods mailers can use to meet the mandatory USPS Move Update Requirement. With Full Service ACS, mailers can receive electronic updates from the USPS which can be used to update your address database – no need to receive back cages of mail pieces with address changes!

There is no need to barcode your First Class mail, CMS is Full Service IMb® Certified facility and can spray the bar code for you!