Starting July 1, 2018, Corporate Mailing Services, Inc. began Seamless Acceptance with the USPS. CMS had been in the testing phase of seamless acceptance – called seamless parallel since November 2017. CMS is one of the first mailers in the Baltimore District to implement Seamless Acceptance.

Seamless Acceptance is a USPS program requiring a high level of quality from participating mailers. This program provides a streamlined mail acceptance process offering transparency and trend-based reporting so mailers can improve their mail preparation efficiency. In order to participate in Seamless Acceptance, all pieces must be uniquely barcoded, included in eDoc, prepare 90% full-service eligible volume, participate in seamless parallel and eInduction.

Prior to Seamless Acceptance, USPS clerks would perform quality checks on random mail samplings. With the advent of the Intelligent Mail Barcode and Seamless Acceptance, EVERY piece of mail is now checked as it is processed on Postal equipment – so there really is no need for the random samplings and MERLIN tests we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Feedback on mail preparation quality is provided via a mailers scorecard. A variety of factors are monitored on a mailers scorecard including barcode uniqueness, by/for compliance, Move Update compliance, undocumented mail, and nesting/sortation. Mailers must not exceed the established thresholds for each of these areas for a given month, or a postage assessment may result.

Seamless acceptance streamlines the acceptance process but also requires a high level of mail quality.

The USPS benefits from seamless acceptance by having a standardized mail acceptance and verification process and verifications are less complex and performed electronically. Mailers benefit from seamless acceptance with the potential for a longer production cycle, control over mail release timing without USPS intervention, auto-finalization of postage payment, and trend reporting on mail quality via the mailers scorecard. Seamless Acceptance drives quality to an even higher standard that all of our customers will benefit from!