The USPS Postage rates will be changing on January 21, 2018. The average increase will be 1.9% – or $0.005 per piece for your First-class automation letters.

Below are a few highlights of the rate change. Please be sure any mail metered for a date of 1/21/2018 or after has the new rates. If you have any questions, please contact your CMS Customer Service Representative.

Category 2017 Current Rate 1/21/2018 Rate
First Class Stamp $0.49 $0.50
Metered Full Rate (1-oz) $0.46 $0.47
First Class Automation Rates Most categories increase by $0.005/piece
Marketing Mail (formerly Standard Class) 2.0% Average Increase
Priority Mail 3.9% Average Increase
Average % Increase 1.9%

Highlights of the Rate Change.

  • First Class forever stamp is increasing from 49 to 50 cents.
  • 3-oz automation letters will continue cost the same as a 1-oz automation letter to mail. This only applies to First Class automation letters.
  • Presorting First-class mail allows mailers to cut down on postage costs by taking advantage of USPS workshare discounts. The January 2018 rate change will maintain many of those discounts.
  • Marketing Mail (formerly called Standard Class mail) can continue to weigh up to 3.5-oz and mail for the same rate (previous max weight was 3.3-oz).
  • Mailing Promotions, which have been used to offset postage increases, may not happen in 2018.