Due to the challenges COVID-19 represents for your organization, CMS will continue to provide updates regarding our services so you can best communicate expectations to your customers. CMS has proactively initiated its Business Continuity and Pandemic Response Plans, adhere to CDC guidelines and follow the recommendations and restrictions set by Federal, State and Local authorities.

The organizational systems and programs in place at CMS enable us to provide uninterrupted service and the ability to provide additional support if needed. For example, in the event remote work sites are required, our IT systems provide for secure access to data and files in order to provide uninterrupted service. Additionally, we have multiple locations operating and available for remote mailroom operations, off-site mail processing and secure mail screening.
Most importantly, our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan includes a contracted network of strategic partners located throughout the US to support our operations if necessary.

*It is important to note that as of today, the USPS continues to deliver mail and appears dedicated to continuing to do so throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

CMS understands that the needs of our clients are rapidly changing, and we are here to help. We encourage you to keep your Customer Service Representative informed so we can help you resolve any issues as they arise.

CMS provides a full range of Business Services from critical communications to operating your on-site production. Some of these services include:
• Data Processing & Secure FTP
• Document Production & Management
• Print & Mail
• First and Standard Class Mailing Processing
• Mailroom Management – On-Site & Off-Site
• Imaging and Scanning Services

CMS prides itself on excellent customer service and providing a high level of expertise providing business & marketing communications. We have all systems in place to keep your communications moving.

Please stay safe and healthy – we are all in this together!

The CMS Team