Obtain The BEST Postal Rates With Commingling

We’ll Improve In-Home Delivery

Standard class and non-profit mail, most often used for marketing communications and fundraising appeals, provides the greatest savings for mailers.

CMS combines standard class and non-profit mail from multiple mail lots, customers, and organizations to maximize postal discounts.

As with first class mail, CMS offers Barcode Spraying and Reading services and utilizes the latest Full Service Intelligent Mail® (IMb) barcode technology to ensure higher readability rates on your delivery addresses. In addition to barcoding, CMS can provide mail tracking and reporting services and assist you in meeting the USPS Move Update requirement with ACS reporting or NCOA via front-end data processing.

 Commingling Steps Include:

  • Spray of read address block IMb barcode on mail piece
  • Sort mail by zip code
  • Bundle mail in trays according to postal requirements
  • Present sorted mail to USPS for verification and acceptance
  • Mail is transported to a USPS NDC or SCF facility closer to its final destination

Benefits of Commingling

  • Targeted In-Home Dates
  • Visibility through mail tracking and reporting
  • USPS compliance
  • Postal experts
  • Postage Savings

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