Your Cash Flow Requires Accurate and Timely Billing Communications

We’re Your Full-Service Critical Communications Manager

Improve cash flow and speed receipt of payments while reducing internal costs to generate your billing correspondence with CMS transactional print. Our services ensure accurate and timely delivery of your invoices, statements, tax and water bills, collection letters, renewals, shut off notices, and virtually any other customer service notification.

CMS Transactional processing offers additional layers of security and auditing – such as 2D barcode verification and file-based insertion integrity – so you know every piece is mailed. These audit and security features meet HIPPA and IRS (Publication 1075) data requirements.

CMS is a trusted partner that provides quick and accurate turnaround of your time-sensitive and highly personalized communications. Send your data and CMS does the rest while ensuring 100% accuracy and meeting your critical mail date requirements.

Statement and Invoice Production with Our Closed Loop Critical Communications Management

  • Secure FTP servers using latest data encryption
  • Continuous quality control ensures accuracy and matches
  • 24-hour monitoring of our secure facility
  • Personnel with federal security clearance and background checks
  • Complete backup systems
  • Disaster recovery
  • Keycard only access to our facilities

Document Archiving

Simplify and improve the customer service experience. Our document archiving allows your customer service team to efficiently handle inquiries with quick search and pdf pull capabilities. Your customer service team can even print a copy of the document.

Make Your Document Do More

Every communication is a marketing opportunity. Transpromotional (transpromo) marketing is a cost-effective way to cross-sell products and services by printing marketing messages right on your transactional documents. Add a personalized message or offer to your customer on a document you know they will read.

Postal Optimization

Take advantage of all available postal discounts. CMS presort, commingling and drop shipment services aggregate mail volumes to decrease postage costs. And this means real postage savings and expedited delivery. Learn more about CMS postal optimization.

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